Food for Thought (and Action!)

Heads up everyone! A great new series called Food For Thought (and Action!) is coming to our residence halls. What is Food for Thought (and Action!)? It is a series of events brought to you by the Real Food Challenge that will provide information, fun activities, and speakers to help you make the best food and life choices. The series will introduce the local food community in creative ways such as a field trip to Shepherd farms! The series begins in January and continues through the end of spring quarter and will be held in different locations depending on the activity. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the first event, You Are What You Eat: Making Smart (and Yummy!) Choices in the Dining Halls, which is a behind-the-scenes tour of the Dining Commons to show you exactly how your food transformed into what you see on that plate in front of you!

Food for Thought (and Action) Events  


 THEME: You Are What You Eat: Making Smart (and Yummy!) Choices in the Dining Halls

 De La Guerra Dining Commons sustainability presentation, tour, and cooking demonstration

o    January 19th and 20th (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 3:45pm

o    Meet in front of the DLG


THEME: Dirt Made My Lunch: Local Produce and Sustainability

·         Bike trip to Fairview Gardens – Tour to be led by Megan Carney

·         Bike trip to Goleta Farmers Market: Camino Real Market Place 11am, Feb 21st

·         Roundtable speakers: students engage in discussion with local farmers. 


THEME: Smart Shopping: Setting Habits for the Rest of Your Life

·         Field Trip:IV co-op, “backstage tour”

·         Speaker – Melissa Cohen of IV Co-op

·         Nutrition week on campus


THEME: Cooking up a Revolution: Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Methods of Cooking

·         Environmentally friendly cooking products and methods taught by a local chef in Res Hall kitchens

o    Compile simple recipe pamphlets of yummy/healthy foods

·         Earth Day festival


  • Field trip to Shepherd Farms. Volunteer opportunity, Wednesdays from 8 am to 3 pm., can take up to 30 volunteers
  • Bike rides to Farmer’s Market: What questions to ask? What products to look for? Suggested seasonal recipes?
  • Oil and Water event
        For more information contact Becca Loux ( or Elizabeth Frisch (