What is the Real Food Challenge!

           Everybody eats! Food is essential to life, and everyone therefore is affected by food and affects the food system. It is a way of life, it is a tradition, it is sovereignty and security, it is global, and it is a powerful impact and interaction between humans and the planet.  That which we eat is very well defining not only what we are, but also the nature and future of our world.
           The Real Food Challenge (RFC) looks at food as part of a complex system that begins from the field to fork and back again. A food system refers to a web of individuals, organizations, companies, and other institutions (including government) that work to produce, process, and distribute food; This includes (but is not limited to) seed production, agriculture, labor, distribution, processing, purchasing, consumption and waste (RFC, 2009).
            Using this system as our base, The Real Food Challenge strives nationwide to empower the youth, particularly students, to take action to make this system a just system, because it is our future at stake. Each component of the system is in dire need of reform and has the potential to affect global change from fairer labor practices to alleviating climate change.